Where’ve you been?!

So as y’all have probably noticed, I took a break from blogging this month to take care of myself. I wanted to do a video with this subject but writing it seemed like a better avenue at this time.

Long story short is I suffer from anxiety/depression.

NOW, I don’t want anyone to think I’m just a neurotic freak with a dark cloud always over my head. This is also not just your everyday generalized anxiety either. Mental health issues are real. I’m open and honest so sharing this is like therapy rather than an embarrassing confession. Anxiety for me is complicated but my doctor explains it as “the 2-year old having a tantrum on the inside.” This is literally the best description ever! Mentally I am still me but I can be at war with myself on the inside and sometimes it can turn into depression. As much as the opinions of others don’t matter to me, depression can feel like weakness. Weakness paired with a raging 2 year old inside isn’t a fun combination. I can get easily flustered, quickly irritated, can’t think straight, you name it. I am in a better place dealing with these issues. I have gotten the help needed to manage my everyday life. This blog is where the unloading happens.

There are obviously some things I would rather keep private but I want to bring AWARENESS TO MENTAL HEALTH. There are many people who have issues and don’t talk about it. There are people who feel like no one understands or are afraid to admit they need help. Don’t be afraid to get the help you need! There are so many resources out there to help cope. Talk to a trusted family member or friend. Do everything you can to take care of yourself. These are real issues that can lead to bigger issues if not dealt with. Always know that there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel you’re going through.

I will be back with more content very soon! I have so much planned for the near future.

Thank y’all for sticking with me as always !

Kaitlyn 💄💋

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