The Learning Kitchen

I’m Klaud and food and the kitchen are my hobby and passion. 

I’d like to start off by saying I am not a professional chef, nor do I have any professional training in the kitchen. It’s all strictly experimenting and creations through a creative and hungry mind.

Growing up, I’ve always loved food. My Polish background inspires many recipes and meals I make today. I am proud of where it’s taken me. Though I watched my mom cook, I have watched plenty of Food Network and Travel Channel. I’ve also been inspired by my mother-in-law too. The Latin culture and food has made me fall in a deeper love for the kitchen. The diversity has given me so much more to incorporate into all my meals. 

I’m currently in school for a Management degree in Business and Human Resources. I know what you’re thinking;Why are you in business school if you have such a passion for the kitchen?” Here’s why: It is my sanctuary. My decompression.

Not only is it a hobby and soothing to me, but it is a place I truly love to be and I don’t want it to be my career. I love business. I love working with people. When it comes down to it I have an even greater passion for the business world. Everyone says if you love what you do, you should do it as a career. Since you love it you technically would not be working a day in your life.

Another thing to think about is I love running, so should I make it my job? Oh and I love cars. Should I work with cars too?

The point is just because you love doing something doesn’t mean that will be your career. It is okay for it to be a hobby. Now with that being said, if you enjoy something enough to make it your job, go for it! Everyone needs their get-away-thing-to-do. Mine happens to be cooking.

Thanks for reading and stick around for another course; this was just a hors d’oeuvre.  

Klaud 👩🏻‍🍳

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