Take the Fall for Granted

It’s been on heck of an October guys! The end of the year is coming fast.

Happy November!

I love the Fall Season but I don’t like the cold. I know that probably sounds crazy since I’m a new Englander but it’s true. I hate it. I don’t like how dark and cold it gets at night which means snow is on its way to us also. So how you get through the cold? Well let me tell you …

Accepting the Cold Weather as it is

Acceptance is the second step to recovery. The first one was admitting it. Phew! This has been a free therapy session from me to you. No seriously, you have to accept that no matter what we’re going to be cold. The other thing that makes the Fall and cold weather easier is appreciating what’s around you. Living in the Northeast, we take fall foliage and snow for granted. We don’t really appreciate it because it’s all we’ve ever know. It’s like common sense. Weather change. Leaves change color. Gets chilly. Here comes the Snow.

I have a little cousin in Florida who admires everything about our season changes. When he visits during the fall or winter, he embraces it and jumps all in (literally!). When he was 5 years old, my mom decided to create an Autumn box. It’s not only to remind him of how much we care about him but to send him a little piece of the Fall from New England to Florida. We include everything from different color leaves, apples, & pumpkin spice pancakes to maple syrup and other things. We always think of new ideas of what to send. It has become a tradition for us to always send a piece of us to him. I wish we could send snow but you can imagine how soggy that box would be when it arrived.

What are your favorite fall traditions? I’m sure a lot of you love creating new traditions as much as I do! Whether it is here in New England or down in Florida, create and keep creating new memories for you and your family. It’s something they’ll never forget.

Thanks for sticking with me as always,

Kaitlyn 💄💋

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  1. I love me some fall! It’s my favorite season by far. I overheat like crazy so summer just isn’t my thing. I love just being all snuggled up in bed watching various videos on my phone. Not much of a tradition, but it’s great to do before it starts getting too cold and you don’t even want to get out of bed.

    XO Steph

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  2. I love doing this too! Give me an excuse to snuggle up and relax.

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  3. megfaye721 says:

    I love Fall but I do hate how dark it gets starting at 5pm, SO ANNOYING! But I love the smells, the crisp air and pretty leaves. Can’t forget hot chocolate and curling up in a blanket to watch a movie too. I don’t mind the cold because I love sweaters and layering (I just hate when my hands and face get too cold)


  4. Courtney says:

    I LOVE this. Fall is beautiful but by November I miss the summer. It’s important to not let the darkness and cold get to your head & heart and enjoy each season for it brings! 🙂 Love this.

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  5. Caitlyn Murphy says:

    I always have to go apple picking. There is nothing like a freshly picked apple.

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  6. shannonsdays1 says:

    Omg that’s adorable! My boyfriend and I are big baseball fans so in the fall after baseball ends we spend tons of time catching up on so many movies! Fall is an amazing excuse to grab a blanket, get your comfiest jammies and curl up and watch a movie!

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  7. Michelle says:

    I Love this post! While I hate the cold… this fall the color of the leaves have been almost magical and made me appreciate it more.

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  8. I’m not the biggest fan of fall, but I do love pumpkin pie and hot chocolate this time of year.

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  9. Thank you! That sounds like a great tradition also


  10. I hate the cold too! I admire from inside most times. Thank you for reading


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