Don’t Wine .. Just Drink

Well last week I officially turned 26! Does anyone believe in quarter life crisis ?? Because I definitely had one the whole whole year I was 25. It was seriously one thing after another. Now that we’re past that I’m looking forward to great things moving forward.

Switching Gears ..

This past week, my husband & I decided to go on a double date to a winery! We have never been to one prior to this and there are a bunch here in Connecticut. This particular one was called Brignole Vineyard located in Granby, CT. I really didn’t know what to expect other than we would be wine tasting which sounded like a great time to me.

As we arrive, we take it all in. There aren’t any vines or grapes at the moment due to the cold weather. There is an outdoor seating area looking over the vineyard and double doors leading to the indoor seating area where we would be wine tasting. We also noticed there was a crepe truck outside that smelled heavenly. We would definitely come back to that later.

Let’s get to wine tasting!

My husband and I tried one of each color, red, white, and blush, then began to narrow it down to flavors. I will give you what’s in it and tell you how it tasted. Here’s some of the ones we tried:

Red Tail: Connecticut grown Chambourcin. Medium-bodied and generously fruity. Displays a strong varietal character with hints of cherries, plums, and raspberries.

This one was a dry, red wine. I don’t usually like these but this one was delicious. You can definitely taste the berries. It was smooth and delicious.

Lady Lucy: This one was a White Zinfandel wine. This one was ok to me but my husband thought it tasted like apples.

White Burches: Sweet Cayuga

No clue what Cayuga is but this wine was really good! It was our #2 choice. I can’t describe to you how good this was. It was sweet, and have a crisp taste to it.

Sweet George: this was a Moscato &

Sweet George is right! This was amazing! This was our #1 choice! I believe they told us that it was a citrus white. The first taste, I wasn’t crazy about it but it was really really good. We ended up buying a bottle of it and sipping on it all afternoon with some live music.

I would rate this place a 9/10. The only thing that was missing was us bringing snacks with us. We did end up eating crepes. I ended up getting a cinnamon roll crepe. If you’ve never tried one from the Crepe Hut , you don’t know what you’re missing! It was ready in a matter of minutes and melted in your mouth. Perfect pairing with the wine too. I will definitely making a habit of visiting this place. The atmosphere was really nice and relaxing. The view over the vineyard was also a nice touch. If you need a place to visit this winter for some great wine and a good time, this is it!

Thank you all for sticking with me,

Kaitlyn 💄💋

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